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Laser Marking & Engraving

We are established with latest technology and advanced Laser Systems to translate even the more technical and precision required jobs into varioys industries. Our facility combined with our expertise, gives us the opportunity to MARK on any kind of a material.

Applications of Laser Marking

• Variable Data Can be Marked (serial numbers, date, time)
• Fast Process between the artwork and Marking Process , i.e. no film or die or punch to be developed.
• Non-contact Application, i.e. no-mechanical damages
• Inscription is virtually permanent and forgery-proof
• No Pre & Post treatment required (e.g. removing grease from product / cleaning product)
• Environmentally friendly as No Solvents or Chemical required

There is virtually no limit to the number and types of materials that we can Mark by Laser Equipment like Metal, Plastic, Leather, acrylic,wood,glass,ceramic and many more. The automotive, medical, and a range of other industries are increasingly looking into Laser Marking to Mark Permanently including Serial Numbering, Variable Text Marking,Barcode Marking, Data Matrix Codes, Critical Logos and any other design/data to be marked with the given size and accuracy.

Find out more about Sri Sai Marker Laser Marking Systems catering to a range of industries and materials.

Your Industry

Your Material

Automotive and Aviation Industry
CNC Mechanical, Tooling i.e. Die Mould
Electrical & Electronics
Medical and Surgical
Orthopedic and Opthalmic
Packaging, Printing & Coding
Plastic Moulded Parts
Fashion Accessories
SS Utensils
Backlit Applications
Unique Identification (UID)

Stainless Steel
Aluminum / Anodized Aluminum
Plastic i.e. ABS
Coated/Plated Articles
Leather ,Fabric, Paper

Wood & MDF Board
Any Metals & Non Metals


  Laser Engraving Application

Our state-of-the-art laser engraving equipments deliver quick, clean, quality results for a broad range of needs.
  Find out more about how you can best use Sri Sai Markers laser engraving systems. Whether you choose by application, or material.

Your Application

Your Material

Architectural models
Promotional items/Gifts
Other Applications

Anodized Aluminium
Laser rubber
Micro porous rubber

Painted metals
Stainless steel
Other Materials

  Why choose laser engraving?

It’s safe. Laser engraving is an abrasion-free, contact-free process that does not require any adjusting or clamping of replica watches uk the material to be engraved. Unlike traditional cutting machines, laser engravers don’t expose users to open, moving parts – making them as safe to use as a CD player or swiss replica watches microwave oven.

It’s clean. Clean edges and fine detail aren’t the only things that are "clean" about laser engraving; it’s also better for the environment.

It’s fast. Lasers offers the highest speeds on the market for engraving, delivering better productivity and ouput over conventional systems such as saws, routers, etc.

It makes business sense. Laser engraving machines deliver top quality, reliability and power, so even elaborate engraving jobs replica watches can be done in a snap. Offering maximum productivity for a range of applications.


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